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Presidents and Christadelphia

LBJ (Photo credit: kevin dooley)
Presidents and Christadelphia? "(President) Lyndon Johnson was raised a Baptist, but later became a member of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Lyndon Johnson's Grandfather  became a Christadelphian, following his wife and daughter.
Kyle Tucker The LBJ ranch surrounds the Christadelphian Bible School in Hye, TX. LBJ himself was not a big fan of the Christadelphians.
Anna Williams Duvall I thought that the Bible school was donated by LBJ'a grandmother?
English: Christian Church Disciples of Christ ...
English: Christian Church Disciples of Christ in Brunswick, New York, United States (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Ady Miles Amazing his grandfather and close relatives turned to Christadelphia when he turned to war!
 (Dave BurkeHe was not the first president to recognize our CO status, and not require jail time.  Our conscientious objection had already been successfully recognised without penalty during the American Civil War.
Kay McGrath Ady, brother George Booker wrote a few posts on E-D (ecclesia-discuss) several years ago ... as did several others, and they were of the Berean fellowship ... one comment was 1997:

"the Hye Bible Camp bordering the grounds of the LBJ Ranch.

Johnson's father, who knew the Christadelphian teaching,  desired to be baptized on his deathbed. As the Unamended tell the story, the "Bereans" refused to baptise him.

This is what led to Johnsons antagonism toward the Christadelphians, manifested by his occasional visits to the Bible Camp complete with secret service entourage where he would stamp on the ground raising a duststorm (easily accomplished in that part of the country during certain times of the year)."

and further:

"we attended the Texas Bible School several years ago, one of the elder sisters in the ecclesia there related the story about LBJ, his father, etc. She also went on to tell of how he (LBJ) hated the Christadelphians so much that he became intent on taking the land upon which the Bible School sits, which does actually border the LBJ ranch. On his way to the courthouse to file suit to take over the land, he was stricken with his fatal heart attack."

Though George's accounts of "Cousin Oreole" are wonderful to read!

Robert Lloyd Lyndon Johnson did not ever become a Christadelphian although many members of his family were but none of his immediate family.

English: Lyndon B. Johnson at his ranch in Sep...
English: Lyndon B. Johnson at his ranch in September 1972 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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