My faith and hope

I would love if we all could come to see it possible that in this world where there is so much sorrow and pain that we could find people willing to help each other and loving all those around them. It would be nice if we could find growing communities where more people would live easily together in peace with each other in respect to their environment, humans, plants and animals.

It is not easy for humans to look at others their equals. To make another on an equal footing with himself and to take an attitude of respectful approach regardless of culture, race (colour), or creed may not always be so simple. But I do belief it is possible to work on that and to get others stimulated also to work on it. I believe that it should be possible that each individual in his or her own environment can work to push in the direction of righteousness for all with freedom of speech and freedom of thought, as well with a preparedness to help each other as much as possible.

If each individual does everything possible in his or her own surroundings or environment to gain unity and to have peaceful surroundings we can have little cocoons or little communities which like a bacteria or virus can to multiply and spread or infect others with the good or better of this world. It is that fire of goodness that we should enlighten and this link that we make should seek to make with everyone. Each of us making prepared to contribute his or her part, however small, to build up a better world.

One only can get effect as each person like a small peddle get many small stones rolling stones. Small snowballs getting larger once started rolling and going into motion by their multiplicity and strength of inspiration.

On this platform and on my site for personal thoughts as I hope to make a small contribution to a peace process, I call others to join me in that boat of tolerance.
Together we can be strong


I am a Free Christadelphian only bounded to Jesus Christ, which means that I believe in rabbi Jeshua, Jesus Christ, to be the son of God, the send one from God to be our saviour, Kristos (Christ) or Messiah. Aiming to be under Christ's and God's guidance I do hope to take on Christ's attitude and therefore I am open to anybody who wants to share the brotherly love of Christ, but also want to show brotherly love to all living creatures, man, animal and plant.

Following the teachings of Jesus Christ I also worship the same God as he did and believe in the promises of his heavenly Father, Jehovah God. Taking the Gospel at heart I look forward to the return of Christ and the coming Kingdom of God.


For those who also have a blog, I also call on you to join hands and work together as Bloggers for Peace to spread this urgent and necessary message of peace.

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