Thursday 20 August 2009

2001 Translation an American English Bible

Next to the already existent English translations of the Aramaic
The 2001 Translation uses Jehovah because a.o. they found it in many Hebrew writings and because they questioned whether the use of God’s Name was considered as offensive prior to Jerusalem’s destruction by the Roman armies (70-C.E.).(יהוה Jehovah not in the form κύριος [Lord]) [Yahweh (yah-h-Wĕh), Yahwah (yah-h-Wah), or Yehwah (yĕh-h-Wah)] It is a translation of the Bible, written in the commonly spoken vernacular of our time, which doesn’t follow the written rules of fifty or one hundred years ago. That isn’t a radical departure for the Bible, since the early disciples of Jesus wrote their words in the ‘common’ Aramaic (and Greek) of their day, and they spoke it with a Galilean accent (see Matthew 26:73). But their goal was to produce a Bible that is easy and pleasing to read, while conveying a very accurate meaning. the added words to make a sentence easy to read are put in brackets [ ] as in the New World Translation. So you can straight ahaid see what is been added to the text.
Another unique feature of this Bible is that in portions that were originally written in a poetic style (such as the books of Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Isaiah, etc.), they have tried to maintain the original richness of the texts by translating them poetically wherever possible. This has required some rearrangement, as well as additions and deletions of extraneous words, but you will find that they hope to have faithfully maintained the meanings of the texts.

It is strange that for their English version they based it on the Septuagint of which they could not find an accurate and easy-to-read English text.  They say that no one by them was qualified to translate the Hebrew and Aramaic texts  (their expertise being ancient Greek), though for the Dutch translation Egbert Nierop uses the Aramaic. This gives naturally a big difference between the English and Dutch translation of the same website.
For the English version they say: Its content is the work of more than fifty online contributors, and the dedicated efforts a few translators and editors who have spent more than fifteen-thousand hours (to date) in creating this enormous work, and whose only interest is in helping others to understand what the Bible truly says.

The New Testament from the Aramaic in Dutch:> Peshitta in Dutch

Example of translation: Exodus 6:2-4 2 And God said to Moses: ‘I am Jehovah… 3 I appeared to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and I was their God. However, I didn’t show them My Name Jehovah, 4 when I established My Sacred Agreement with them [and promised] to give them the land of the CanaAnites… the land they were visiting and living in as strangers.

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