Monday 10 August 2015

Looking for writers for two Lifestyle Magazines

In March 2014 we had to write that a New Name became a fact.

Christadelphian World became Our World. It did not loose his Christadelphian connection, though because not so many christadelphians perhaps wanting to share thoughts with us and the rest of the world we had to go on other paths to share the Good News of the Kingdom of God and what was moving in the world of Christianity and Christendom.

Now, before the beginning of the new season, the new academic year, we made a call to several Christadelphian magazines to offer us some news we can share with you. In case we receive a positive reply we shall be back bringing more Christadelphian news.

In Counting sands and stars we also look at our community and the world of Christians which should know they have a uniform duty. Though we may be all different, as Christians we should be united in Christ and go for the same values and same goal, sharing the same hope.

As Christians we also should be looking forward to grow and to multiply. But to have our community growing we shall have to do some work. Without preaching, without witnessing it shall not be able to get non-believers to come to understand what Christianity  is all about and why it is so important to become a Bible believer.

On this site we shall continue to look at the world around us, whilst on the two lifestyle magazines Stepping toes and From Guestwriters we shall take time to go further and to go deeper in certain aspects of life matters.

The first magazine focusses on faith matters and is directing itself more at those who are looking about the differences in the different faith groups or religions we are rich (or poor).

The other magazine From Guestwriters direct itself to non-believers as well as believers of all sorts of religions. At that magazine we want to present a readers digest of interesting articles you can find on the internet, from christian as well as from non-religious writers.

The selection of writings presented is offered from our Christadelphian viewpoint and is presented there to enrich ourselves and those who come along our site. It is meant as meditation and reflection material, plus as guidance for our way of life.

In case there are historians, educators, psychologists, archeologists, analysts, architects, interior designers, a.o. who want to share their ideas, or think they could contribute to the magazine, so that it can become an interesting 'lifestyle magazine' are welcome to offer their services.

We look forward to start the season 2014-2015 with some new writers and to see more sorts of subjects tackled to reach more interested readers.

Are you called?
Are you the one we are looking for?

If you do not think you can contribute with writing but would like to find some articles on those websites, you may also let us know what sort of articles you would like to see or what your expectations are of those lifestyle magazines and of this website.
Please do let us know.

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