Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Campaigners Fraternal The Lord is our Banner

Brothers and sisters are warmly invited to this year's Campaigners Fraternal on Saturday 9th February.
The theme for the day is The Lord is our Banner. We have excellent speakers for both the afternoon session 2 - 4 pm and the evening session 6 - 7.30 pm. Numbering over 400 there is an uplifting atmosphere focused on Jesus' commission for us to spread the good news of the gospel. Hear the highlights from last year's campaigning and keep up to date with the major effort for 2013 which engages many of our younger members through partnership with UKYP. With stalls and stands to browse in the break it is always an enjoyable day.

As in recent years It is being held at Warwick School, CV34 6PP. Unfortunately refreshments can't be provided so remember to bring your own. There is a creche 
Warwick School's Bridge House Theatre
Warwick School's Bridge House Theatre (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
room for those with younger children. The programme is available on line and And a poster showing planned campaigns is at There is a facebook event here Please pray for God's blessing on our preparations for the Fraternal and the coming campaigns. With love, Jon Downes
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