Thursday, 30 May 2013

Long term Fieldworkers/Volunteers Needed in Thailand

The work of spreading the life-giving gospel in Thailand shifted gears early in 2012 with the establishment of a Bible Education Centre in Chiang Mai, in the north. More than 30 brothers and sisters have worked at the BEC since start up and we are now in search of brothers and sisters, possibly a married couple, willing to make a longer-term commitment at the BEC. For those with an abiding interest in extending real hope to those without it, the work at the BEC is exciting, invigorating and rewarding. 
Street in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Street in Chiang Mai, Thailand (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
In Chiang Mai, itself, we have developed a small group of friends who are intent on learning the true gospel. In the near future we are expecting, God willing, further developments from one or more in this group. Outside of Chiang Mai, we have friends in a number of other centres within 3 to 6 hours by road from the BEC. In these other centres (visited in most cases multiple times by fieldworkers) we believe we have real and serious opportunities to bring life and light to places darkened by spiritual ignorance and idolatry. But we need helpers to reach out to our friends in these places and to teach and encourage them. (Visit the blog, for lots more information.) Chiang Mai is a comfortable and modern city with first class facilities and services. The BEC, located in a quiet neighborhood, is pleasant, well equipped and with plenty of space (4 bedrooms, study area and downstairs rooms for teaching). And Thailand, of course, is renowned for its tasty food.
English: Tuk-tuk used as a police vehicle. Pho...
Tuk-tuk used as a police vehicle. Photo taken at Tapae Gate during the Sunday Evening Walking Market in Chiang Mai,(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
If you may be able to help, please get in touch with us asap at With love in Christ, Terry Nutter 38 Wright Rd, STANMORE, Queensland, 4514, Australia +61 7 5496 1682 +61 408 549 616 Thailand Area Team ACBM (Asia-Pacific Christadelphian Bible Mission)
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