Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Ethiopia jails 18 Muslims for plotting to create an Islamic state in the country

Ethiopian-Muslim-Protest-Dimtsachin-YisemaEthiopia (AP)A court in Ethiopia has handed jail terms ranging from seven to 22 years against 18 Muslims who were convicted on terror charges, including allegedly attempting to establish a religious government.

Dimtsachin Yisema, a group lobbying for the release of Muslim detainees, said the sentences were “unjust” and called the Federal High Court a “kangaroo court,” railroading them for decrying its interference in religious matters. In other words, they are claiming victim status. 

According to some:
The verdict passed on muslim leaders & journalist by woyane is politically motivated and it is historical crime  on all Ethiopian Muslims. It is the sign of the regime's deep hate and hostility to the Muslims. Their hostility is expected as the regim's composition is more than 90 percent  non Muslim in the country of 50 percent  muslim community. Until  the form of the of the government  change, we Ethiopian muslims never expect justice.  This can be achieved through struggle by whatever means necessary.  That is all!

> “Ethiopia jails 18 Muslims over alleged terror,” Associated Press, August 3, 2015:
Ethiopian Kangaroo court sentences 18 Ethiopian Muslim Leaders, Preachers and Journalists 7-22 years in prison

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