Monday, 15 February 2016

Sub-titled Life's Big Questions DVDs

In January the Flemish readers of "Met Open Bible" got "De Grote Levensvragen"  Life's big Questions sent by me.

Sub-titled Life's Big Questions DVDs

Life's Big Questions are now able to offer sub-titled *Life’s Big Questions* and *Introducing the Bible* DVDs in any language if translations can be provided. 
They are produced using Camtasia Studio software which uses a .srt file to produce the subtitles.

Using a .srt file with English sub-titles, the English text can be translated into any language. If all of the other information is left unchanged, the new .srt file will then produce a DVD with new language sub-titles that will all line up correctly with the pictures. 

The final titles giving further information need to be changed to appropriately.
Graphics for the DVD logo with foreign titles can also be produced.
A Dutch DVD can be viewed on my Google Drive at:

More details from bro. Lawrence Cave 02476 881263