Friday 2 January 2009

Baptised sister not of higher status before God then an unbaptised young male?

Robin Hughes from New Zealand wrote in a Facebook topic:

When an unbaptised young male is allowed to speak is not the baptised sister not of higher status before God?
One of the issues involved is that of usurping authority. If she is not usurping authority then that eliminates that as an issue in that particular situation.

The issue of Disorder in the meeting is not valid if its building harmony.
Don't get legal on this. Its not a matter of God having made this rule and so everyone must do this or that there is not such a rule and so therefore we can do whatever we like. We have freedom in Christ and yet Love constrains us.

What are the issues the apostles were looking at? Is it really about sisters being weak or is it really about brothers being weak?

Adam failed to Lead the woman in the beginning. The woman failed to follow. So it appears we are each condemned to do what we are weakest at. That which we need to learn and do.

We know that Jesus's view of woman was much better then that of the Jews. Jesus brang the woman forward out of the Womans part of the synagogue to the mens part so that he might heal her.

Pauls teachings although they may seem harsh on woman was actually liberating considering how they had been treated prior to this.

Through christ the woman had found Freedom at last. The issue of taking their head coverings off arose and Paul showed good reasoning for keeping the head covering on when praying and prophesying. Something he reminded them was demanded by Roman Law.

Paul had much concern for the disorder entering the Eclessia due to the new found Freedom in Christ. One of the long list referred to the speaking of the women some of which were uneducated. Asking Questions in the meeting that were very disruptive. So rather then this they should ask at home so that the meeting could proceed in order.

As for teaching the bible gives the children that is the unbaptised to be taught by her. This is largely due to the need for someone to take responsibility for their education and tuition. This is a priveledge and not something to be taken lightly. Under Jewish practice the Rabai probably did a lot of this teaching.
The woman having a lesser Role is a myth. Its just as important as the Male's who are expected to lead for their growth and development a very difficult thing for males who find it much easier to do what their wives tell them. The woman naturally finds it easy to lead and so it is to her to learn in quietness and meekness.

So this is my view. Everything that is in scripture is for our learning. Walk in Love. Err on the side of caution. Do not create a stumbling block for your brother/sister. If a woman is to read or speak it should be not usurping the brothers role, that is of authority, that if they ask her to read or speak and it be with the consent of those brothers present. Any situation when the unbaptised is allowed to read or speak the Sisters should definately be allowed to speak.

The responsibility of Love goes both ways. Whether you are strict or liberal to walk in love to act out of love and care for your brothers and sisters rather then out of Fleshly legalistic desires. For legal thinking is of the world and the thinking of Love and care comes from the spirit.

One of the things that God loves most Is unity
and One of the things he hates most is divisiveness.

Shouldn't we be taking these things into consideration when looking at issues. Whatever is not of Love is not of God.

Jesus's Teachings were Love. His doctrine is to Love God and one another. If you miss the basics of the truth when examining the details of walking in love. Then you have completely missed the point. When an issue arises I believe God is more concerned about how we behave then who is right.
Its more important to do what you believe then believe what is right. We know this from the scripture. We know that although Paul had Freedom in Christ that love constrained him that although sometimes we have the freedom to do things that doesn't mean its the right or most loving thing to do.

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