Friday 9 January 2009

Learn to read the Bible effectively
Onze Broeder in Christus, Gordon Cooper, beheert de website van de Engelse Christadelphians en levert zodoende mooi werk om Gods Woord in het Engels taalgebied te verspreiden.
Like us Gordon Cooper believes that the Bible is the word of God that he has inspired scribes to record. Over 40 scribes were involved like this, over a period of 1,500 years. Remarkably, the message of the Bible from beginning to end is consistent and without any contradictions whatever. We believe that if the Bible says so, then it is so. It is hardly a surprise that the creator of heaven and earth should communicate with his creation. He has chosen to do so by causing the Bible to be preserved for us to read in this generation. That makes the Bible either of absolute importance to us, or, if these claims are false, of no importance whatever. There is no middle course.

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