Wednesday 4 February 2009

Human Nature: What does the Bible teach?

This month's survey question:

Human Nature: What does the Bible teach?

- Human nature is the divine spark and is basically good.

- It is inherently immortal and will live in hell or heaven forever.

- It is mortal and corrupt with no hope of life after death.

- Although mortal and prone to sin it can be redeemed by Christ.

- Don't know.

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There is no escaping the reality of death.
 Many people find some comfort in the idea of survival.
The inescapable fact is that since the dawn of history millions upon millions of human beings have lived, died, and been laid in the grave.
If they have in fact survived in some new form, would you not have
expected to hear from them some word of consolation for the bereaved, some information about their state, or some warning for the living? Yet we never hear anything from them.

Just think what the Bible does. It records how the human race came into being and it explains in clear terms why there is evil, suffering and death in the world. It tells us positively what happens after death.
And it also reveals the new kind of life which can be ours, if we will.

All mankind will perish, unless they repent.

Only pay attention to the Bible its message.

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