Tuesday, 21 April 2009

12th - 18th April 09 Weekly World Watch

12th - 18th April 09
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In this weeks WWW
Talk this week of Israel preparing to bomb Iran. The peace envoy George Mitchell arrived for talks in Jerusalem. Israel was left looking isolated. An earthquake shook northern Israel. And finally Russia rearming and threatening action against NATO.
Weekly World Watch AUDIO
There are a number of audio (mp3) talks you can download to listen to. Some are prophecy related but some are exhortational.
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Weekly World Watch THEMES
All the WWW slides for last year have been grouped into themes.Suppose you want to view everything the WWW reported on in 2008 relating to financial collapse - just click the link below and then select the subject you want to view. There's everything from Israel to Russia, from financial collapse to natural disasters. It is amazing to view a whole year on one theme and WATCH God's hand working in the world.
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Andy Walton
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