Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Russell himself never claimed to be a prophet.

Charles Taze Russell (although he stated his views firmly as his beliefs) was never dogmatic about his beliefs on chronology and time prophecy, nor did he demand of the Bible Students associated with him or anyone else accept his beliefs.
 His statements were:
“Our own views are not prophecy, but interpretations of the holy prophets of old.” (Watch Tower, October 1890, page 8)
“Neither must you lean upon the DAWN and the TOWER as infallible teachers. If it was proper for the early Christians to prove what they received from the apostles, who were and who claimed to be inspired, how much more important it is that you fully satisfy yourself that these teachings keep closely within their outline instructions and those of our Lord; — since their author claims no inspiration, but merely the guidance of the Lord, as one used of him in feeding his flock.” (”The Watch Tower”, June, 1893)
What one will not find anywhere in Russell’s writings is that he claimed that his writings were a direct revelation from God, or that his predictions were directly from God.

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