Monday, 28 December 2009

Changes in the Web sites URLs

Dear readers,

We would like to inform you that from December the 3, Google has changed its URL's and the system for her pages.
This made that we do have to change all the links every where on the pages where we had put links to one of the articles. (Which shall give us a lot of work to find all the links made and trying to get these links to work again)

Please note following changes in the URL codes:

The Belgian Christadelphians Main Site became:
Broeders in Christus has become:
Flemish christadelphians:
Profile of Marcus Ampe Profielschets:

You are also welcome to visit our other sites:

For the Bible Researchers or Bible Students:
Our Belgian  Christadelphian ecclesia in Leuven:

Gods Hope / Gods Hoop:
Hoop tot Leven:

For our Dutch magazine Met Open Bijbel: & Studeren met Open Bijbel: