Monday 7 December 2009

The Toronto East Ecclesia

The Toronto East Ecclesia:

For the last several years the members of the Toronto East Ecclesia (TEE) have authorized its unity representatives to participate in numerous meetings with both Amended and Unamended representatives. In recent months, the TEE representatives have attended meetings with members of concerned Ecclesias, with the aim of assisting them in understanding the wording and intent of the Unity Agreement 2008 (UA08), as well as focusing on convening an inter-ecclesial study on fellowship. The TEE continues to support these ongoing initiatives. During this lengthy process the membership of the TEE was regularly updated with the findings and progress of these various meetings and discussions. In a joint letter dated March 7th, 2009, sent to the surrounding Ecclesias, the Toronto East Ecclesia, in collaboration with the three other Toronto Ecclesias, agreed to temporarily “suspend the extension of fellowship at the Lord’s table with the signatory Unamended ecclesias”. The Brothers and Sisters of the TEE supported this suspension with the express understanding that within a set amount of time they would revisit this decision. At the semi-annual business meeting on October 28th, 2009, after the set time required by the members had elapsed, it was agreed that the next steps in respect of the UA08 (whether to continue with or lift the suspension) would be decided by an Ecclesial ballot. It was determined by the results of that ballot, by a preponderant majority of the Ecclesia’s membership, that the members of the TEE “agree to lift ‘the pause’ and welcome in fellowship at the Lord’s Table, members in good standing from all Unamended Ecclesias that accept the Unity Agreement 2008”. The result of the ballot was announced to the members of the TEE on Sunday, Dec 6th. The effective date of the Ecclesial decision to lift “the pause” is January 1st, 2010, God-willing. Notwithstanding, we continue to welcome in fellowship members in good standing from Central Ecclesias, including Amended UA08 Ecclesias (paused and non-paused). The Toronto East Ecclesia remains satisfied that the Unity Agreement 2008 (UA08) is a sound document upon which to base Unity. We further maintain our commitment to continue working alongside our Amended and Unamended Brethren alike as we seek to broaden its acceptance, that all Brethren in Christ of like mind and purpose might enjoy full fellowship before the return of our Lord. In the shared Hope of Israel,
 On behalf of the Toronto East Ecclesia Brother Brian CarrickRecording Secretary

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