Monday, 25 January 2010

2009-2010 news update for India

December 21st was a joyous occasion in India with the marriage of Sis. Diana from Bangalore (originally Mandya) to bro. Karole, the eldest son of bro Mathews P Jacobs and his wife Sister Lily who run the Moinabad Home.
Sis. Diana is the sister-in-the flesh of Sis. Bernadin, usually known as Bernie, who is quite widely known through her visits to the U.K. and Australia. The Moinabad Home was all freshened up for this happy occasion – and the End of Year Gathering in the days which followed.

There is a big political move toward having a separate State based on Hyderabad. This will be called Telagana. Originally the State Govt. approved of this development but then changed their minds and said it needed to be more thoroughly evaluated.
This led to a total shut down of all trains and buses within the state at the end of December 2009.
The chaos affected the End of Year Gathering at Moinabad. With bro. Tim absent speaking at the Bible School in N.Z. bre. Malcolm Scott and Jonathan Wallace were in charge of the
situation and the running of the Gathering for the end of Year Camp. The effect here has been that some of the brothers and sisters that would normally be here have not come, some
due to lack of transport but more properly out of fear that has been put out by the media.
There were 120 in the camp.

Ther were first principles classes for those who have been going though for baptism with the ecclesias in the areas which they live, they had a discussion group for sisters and young woman to talk about the issues they face in marriage and finding a suitable marriage
While it was a ladies only class a few of the young sisters came and told they were so happy to have had the opportunity to talk though such issues with understanding sisters.

On the morning of New Years Day, they had the privilege of witnessing the baptism of 5 new brothers and 3 new sisters.

Bro. Sudheer from Maddur started a Study based on the theme "Seek the Kingdom of God First" of the 2 day camp at Bhadravathi.
He went on to explain how each and every person strives hard to lead a happy and prosperous
life in this world, but in vain. He kept in mind the young people who had gathered and stressed upon the facts that how they struggle for things which seems to give happiness but as time passes life gets to look dimmer and disappointing. Therefore, we need to seek the kingdom of
God First as this is the only place where people would be happy forever as promised. He ended his study by quoting examples of things we should avoid doing and things we should be doing instead in preparation for the kingdom.
Bro Balan exhorted on the cleansing, and purity of the temple explaining the analogy
between the temple, the ecclesia and ourselves.
Bro. Jimmy Matthews gave a first study explaining the creation process and a study on Salvation explaining what all need to do to attain salvation and how we need to put on Christ in our day to day life.

For the past 18 months bro. Malcolm Scott has been the mainstay of the fieldwork in India. He has been helped by a lot of short term fieldworkers.
Jonny Connolly from New Zealand and bro. Jonathan Wallace are leaving Hyderabad at the end of this month and they are looking for somebody to come over there to help Malcolm
Treva Peres who is there until the beginning of March. There is also great scope for sisters, sis. Sarah Wallace and sis Shoshannah Williams returned on Jan 12, sis Sarah
after 10 months helping the work in India, Nepal and Bangladesh, mainly the latter. Bro. Malcolm is appealing to us for additional support as he tries to help the more than 40 ecclesias in central India from his base in Hyderabad.

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