Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Christendom Astray The Devil Not A Personal Super-Natural Being

Christendom Astray

Lecture 7

By Robert Roberts

The Devil Not A Personal Super-Natural Being,

But The Scriptural Personification of Sin

In Its Manifestations Among Men

IN THE religion of Christendom, the devil figures almost more prominently than God. If we have found Christendom astray as to the nature of man, it will not be wonderful if we find it astray on the subject of the devil, with which, scripturally, man has so much to do.

The theology of Christendom places the devil in juxtaposition with God. As the one is presented for worship as the source and  embodiment of all good, so the other is held up for detestation and dread, as the instigator and promoter of all evil.
Practically, the one is regarded in the light of the good God, and the other as the bad god. It is the polytheism of paganism in its smallest form: and the philosophy of the ancients embodied in names and forms supplied by the Bible.