Monday, 19 July 2010

Weekly World Watch 11th - 17th July 2010‏


According to Andy Walton we are entering troubling times.  The conviction that war is upon us grows with each passing day.  What remains to be determined is who will dictate the terms of that war – Iran or Israel.  ...  We are indeed “entering troubling times”.  Or in Bible language “a time of trouble such as never was”.  Dan 12:1.

The fate of East Jerusalem, which Palestinians regard as their future capital, generates more emotion than perhaps any single issue in the long-running conflict and any attempts to change the delicate demographic balance in the city often provokes uproar.  Jerusalem's Jewish city council insisted that none of the buildings it destroyed were actually houses inhabited by Palestinians.
+ If Israel restarts its Jerusalem building projects again (which looks likely) then the tensions will rapidly escalate and God’s city will become the centre of the problem… The world is on course to record the hottest year on record, threatening droughts worldwide, forecasters have said.
For the first six months of the year, 2010 has been warmer than the first half of 1998, the previous record holder, by 0.03 degree Fahrenheit, said Jay Lawrimore, chief of climate analysis at the federal National Climatic Data Centre.
Drought is effecting large parts of Europe.  Russia's worst droughts in a century have destroyed almost 25 million acres of crops in central and European areas, authorities said this week.

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