Monday, 8 November 2010

New Tags

At Bijbelonderzoekers and here some new Tags were added.

Death and after brings so  a few new articles

Immortality and mortality brings us to the grave

grave, tomb, sepulchre > Graf

decomposition, decay, putrefaction, deterioration > Ontbinding

immortality > Onsterfelijkheid

Further there is the prudentia providentia in Zorgvuldigheid of oplettendheid

to carry away, to carry of, Letting yourself being lead along or influenced by mental or emotional appeal: Meeslepen of laten verleiden

to mean, to think, tell, say, opinion, view: Mening, overtuiging of opinie

to compare, compare with/to, equate in Vergelijken of naast elkaar stellen

and about the construction of the ecclesia or churchplanning you can find:
congregation, gathering, assembly of persons, body of Christians, body of believers: Congregatie
Parish: Parochie
expenses, expenditure, outlay, costs: Onkosten
about contributions: Bijdrage of contributie

Soon to appear:
coming together, meeting with each other: Verzamelen of Bijeenkomen