Wednesday 23 March 2011

Gathering or meeting of believers

A meeting of believers can happen in any place.  It can be a loose, free open meeting, informal or also a formal meeting, whether or not religious.  

Under the key word "samenkomst" = "meeting", it can as well be over the act of coming together  (to meet, assemble) as over the place of meeting.  That place of meeting can be on her turn everywhere, in a private or in a public place.  The place of meeting can then be in a garden, house, municipal building, communities building or a place commonly called "church" .  By the Brothers in Christ we prefer to speak by such a meeting of believers over the ecclesia instead of "church" or 'the church community" and over ecclesia, ecclesiahall, ecclesiaroom or kingdomhall more then 'church',

Read and find more about those gatherings or assemblies and ecclesiae:

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