Thursday 1 September 2011

Bringing Good News into the world

Flemish or Dutch readers should be able to find the new WordPress site of the Brothers in Christ. the Christadelphian website of the Broeders in Christus shall mostly bring some more into depth articles concerning our faith.

Readers shall be able to find the history of the Brethren and Christian movement and how deviations and wrong ideas came into the Christian faith. In one of the pages we also try to picture why we are so eager to bring the message of the Bible all over the world. We reason why it are not only the Jehovah's Witnesses who witness, but that we also bring witness of the Good News and the Kingdom of God.

In De Bijbel of Heilige Schrift;Het woord van God of het woord van mensen (The Bible or Holy Scipture; word of God or word of people) we show how we do not agree with those people who say that the Bible is written by people talking about God. For us the Bible is the Word of God which is handed over by means of the Power of god and His chosen people like prophets, apostles but also fishermen, herdsmen and kings. All that is in those 66 Books of Books is given to our knowledge and to help us to find the way to the Kingdom of God.

Those who do believe in the Word of God and accept Christ Jesus as their Messiah, should follow their Master-teacher and should do as he told his disciples to do: to go out in the world and spread the Good News. Sometimes when people find us preaching they wonder if we are Jehovah's Witnesses. In the article Getuige of Broeder; Rabbi, Leider, Broeder, Verkondiger of Getuige (Witness or Brother; Rabbi, Leader, Brother, Proclaimer or Preacher, or Witness) we show the difference between the Witnesses and us, plus give the reason why we should not follow just one organisation (like the Watch Tower and Tract Society) or one person (like the Pope) and why we do not have any hierarchy or priests.

In Dutch you can find: / In het Nederlands kan u artikelen vinden over hoe wij moeten omgaan met de Heilige Schrift en anderen het Goede Nieuws moeten brengen:

  1. Verkondigen van Evangelie opgetekend in de Bijbel
  2. De Bijbel of Heilige Schrift
  3. Getuige of Broeder;Rabbi, Leider, Broeder, Verkondiger of Getuige

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