Monday, 5 September 2011

The strugles of Taipei Ecclesia

Although Christianity constitutes only a tiny religious demographic in Taiwan, the Christian population is focused heavily in Taipei.

Taipei ecclesia is a tiny congregation in the middle of a sea of hostile evangelical churches. A visiting brother from the US, Jonathan Burke his wife, and the only local Christadelphian sister, started by visiting a local church twice a week, attending all their meetings. They spoke on a regular basis and deliberately avoided controversial topics. They only raised our beliefs when they were asked.

The local evangelical churches in Taiwan all made an agreement with each other years ago about a 'minimum statement of faith' to which everyone has to give assent in order to be accepted. If you don't accept that, then they don't accept you.

In contrast, there is a small but thriving house church movement (there's one in the apartment on the floor below us actually), where it's easier to find people with an open mind and more Biblical beliefs (belief that God is one person, belief that people are truly mortal, etc), but the house churches are quite close knit and not easy to visit unless you know someone who is already in one. They're quite private in some ways, and keep a low profile, because they're typically people who wouldn't be accepted by the Christian mainstream.

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