Friday 14 October 2011

A Jewish Woman and a Test of Faith

James Mason
Here is an interesting test, “Is your faith as strong as the faith of the Jewish mother in the following story?” A forty-year old Israelite woman had suffered heart wrenching agony, her Jewish mother asked, “Do you want to pray?” The daughter (who had prayed all her life) now with tears in her eyes said no! The mother asked, “Why?” Her daughter said, “Because I am not going to hand my future over to whatever it is who is supposed to be loving and who I didn’t think should let me suffer in this way, I thought God was good.” The mother with great insight replied, “Maybe God is worth it, maybe God is also difficult, awful, complicated” the daughter prayed. Here’s the test, “If God seems difficult awful and complicated in our lives is our faith like the mothers or like the daughters?

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