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November 2011 Articles to read


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Weekly World Watch 30th Oct - 5th Nov 2011‏ Preparations are under way to attack Iran. What will Israel and America do? > CLICK HERE FOR THIS WEEKS WWW

6th - 12th Nov 2011‏ Still not sure if Israel attack Iran ... Speculation mounts that they will.... CLICK HERE FOR THIS WEEKS WWW

13th - 19th Nov 2011‏ It's all talk of war - even nuclear.... CLICK HERE FOR THIS WEEKS WWW

20th - 26th Nov 2011‏
Syria threatens Israel...

The last few weeks we can see that more social workers do come under attack and that older people do become more fragile in their environment. In several countries the home carers are independent, voluntary, or working in the not-for-profit and statutory sectors who are under grated and not as such respected for what they have to do. A model for monitoring the supply and demand of social workers in England was been made public at the National Children and Adult Services Conference (NCAS) in October > Home care industry not valued.
The financial markets got out of hands and pulled down many countries.Several people felt it in their pocket and found it high time to react.  Many got panicking over the state of the economy and the effect it might have on their money if the country’s banking system would collapse and went to collect their money, which made it worse. collapses While some people thought it best to transfer their money to an other bank, an Occupy Movement came as a virus over the world and is obviously growing into a bigger social revolution. But those acting upon their desire for significant, positive change in a broken system were being physically attacked for their non-violent resistance. The world got a 'New Spring' revolt in the Arabic countries and undignified ‘Los Indignados’ went from Portugal and Spain to Belgium to let Europe hear that it could not go on like this. People questioned if they could belong to one or an other group but saw that there is a major group of 99% against 1% or another 53% (Tot de 99% of de 53% behorende +Oprukkende armoede in Noord Amerika  Onderbroeken, vreemdelingen en rechtsstaat + Occuppy Acties en Sociaal Engagement)

With all those problems people wondered who could bring them safety. The world could also wonder how far they want to go in their solidarity.When we look at President Obama how he has to fight against a brick wall to get some social measure to protect the fragile you can wonder.
> Voice for the plebs + Oproep van president Obama om stem te laten horen +

Steering captain Obama + Occuppy Acties en Sociaal Engagement + Violence or an other way to win + Justififiable anger or just anarchism + Banktransfer to one bank bad idea + Shame on American police
In a certain way people can find solutions to have an reasonable good life. Some crisis brought the country were people were living in such danger that it either broke down and became part of an other country or it grew stronger and became more united. But at the moment the world should note that several people are deprived of the necessary materials to stay in life. too many people are dying from bad conditions created by other human beings.

Kwetsbare mens in het Europa van morgen #1 Colloquium +

Kwetsbare mens in Europa van morgen #2 Te veel mensen gaan kapot aan deze samenleving +

Nearly 50 milion poor North Americans + Ecological economics in the stomach #1 Alarmbell + Ecological economics in the stomach #2 Resources + Ecological economics in the stomach #3 Food and Populace + Ecological economics in the stomach #4 Water + Ecological economics in the stomach #5 Right to food + Stimulating ideas on how to re-engineer our monetary systems + Ability for a community to come back from a crisis +

Sense or nonsense of “Human Fragility” should make us think about the situation now and about the future. As Christians we should be aware that we do have to take the right attitude in all of this.

In November we looked at the language of the Holy Scriptures and looked forward to celebrations people hold to remember the birth of Jesus Christ, the Messiah.

Another way looking at a language #1 New Year, Books and Words

Posted on November 13, 2011
Another way looking at a language 1. New Academic Year = New books Every new academic year we go over to use another Bible translation in our ecclesia, to keep the minds going and to give opportunities to hear another voice or see another angle of lightning. It is a way of broadening the horizon. [...]

Another way looking at a language #2 Meanings

Posted on November 15, 2011.
Another way looking at a language 4. Changing meaning In Dutch we could find that when we would take a translation of the 1970ies the same word would have just the opposite meaning in the 2010′s. It can happen that at a certain time one word can have the opposite meaning depending whom it is [...]

Another way looking at a language #3 Abraham

Posted on November 17, 2011.
Another way looking at a language 8. Proverbs and verbatim As today in Dutch ( Nederlands), and probably also in other languages as in English, we can find a lot of words which got a totally different or new extra meaning, so it happened in the early centuries of our Contemporary Timetable as well. Though [...]

Another way looking at a language #4 Ancient times

Posted on November 18, 2011.
Another way looking at a language 11. Misreading in early times Already in early centuries of our current time we got some misreadings in the most ancient Greek manuscripts (Second and Third Centuries of the Common Era) could only have happened by misunderstanding a Peshitta-exclusive reading. How careful translators and readers of translations have to [...]

Another way looking at a language #5 Aramic, Hebrew and Greek

Posted on November 20, 2011
Another way looking at a language 13. Aramaic Aramaic is to believed to be originated in what is modern-day Syria. Between 1000 and 600 BCE it became extremely widespread, spoken from the Mediterranean coast to the borders of India. Its script, derived from Phoenician and first attested during the 9th century BCE, also became extremely [...]

Another way looking at a language #6 Set apart

Posted on November 22, 2011
Another way looking at a language 18. The Church The second biggest teaching in Scripture is that our Creator and Saviour are building a “Set Apart Nation” (“church” never occurs in Scripture!) never heard of in modern Christianity before, called “YAsarel” (Almighty YAH Reigns)! It may be a chock to some not to find anywhere [...]

Another way looking at a language #7 Lingua Franca

Posted on November 23, 2011
Another way looking at a language 20. Aramaic or Greek Lingua Franca All of Rav Shaul’s epistles (with the possible exception of Philemon since it was sent through a Roman contact, then to the assembly) were sent to Synagogues that contained Jewish and Gentile believers whose halakha (legal faith practices) were governed by Ya’akov HaTzadik [...]

Jesus begotten Son of God #1 Christmas and Christians

Posted on November 28, 2011
The Anointed begotten Son of God 1.     Jesus and Christians All Christians think they do know Christ Jesus. We as Christians can only do hope that those who want to become a Christian and those who call themselves Christian sincerely would be willing to investigate who that Jesus from Nazareth, who was called the Messiah, [...]

Jesus begotten Son of God #2 Christmas and pagan rites

Posted on November 29, 2011
6. Interweaving with heathen or pagan rites We as sincere Bible Students and followers of Christ should take the Words of God into account and should know that God does not like us to interweave with heathen happenings and idolatrous things. Christmas time is not a season of revival and up-building in the Church of [...]

Jesus begotten Son of God #3 Messiah or Anointed one

Posted on November 30, 2011
The Anointed begotten Son of God   9. Messiah or Anointed one As Christians we do speak about Jesus Christ the Messiah. The term Messiah is derived from the Hebrew root word mashiach. The verb is used when an object, an altar for example, was consecrated for a sacred purpose. The noun mashiach is used [...]

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