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The work of the angels in guiding national affairs

Bible, l. 228v, initial A(nno tertio regni ioc...
Bible, l. 228v, initial A(nno tertio regni iochim) with Daniel in the lion's den. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

South African Summer Bible School

December 25, 2012 – December 31, 2012
Bible School
7 Days
Speaker: Ron Cowie, Pinetown, Australia

Sponsored by: South African Christadelphian ecclesias


The final section of Daniel’s Prophecy takes us on an amazing panorama of the events from the days of Daniel to the Kingdom of God.Starting with the vision of the Man of One which portrays the process of resurrection and glorification , we will focus on the work of the angels in guiding national affairs , and the prophecies of the last days .We will also do a summary of the key time periods that we have in Daniel and the sure hope of the saints that we have in the words of the last prophecy.

BIBLE SCHOOL 1. Encounters with Christ In the early part of his ministry the Lord healed many thousands of sick folk indiscriminately. Later he ignored the multitudes of sick to focus on the SIGNS and lessons by selecting particular individuals . We will examine the impact of the Lord on a few chosen individuals , a Pharisee, a Zealot and 4 men with severe disabilities. These encounters not only reveal the unique teaching style of Jesus but have powerful lessons for all generations.

BIBLE SCHOOL 2 Jacob A very full record of Jacob’s life, his tribulations, his divine education , the prophecy concerning his sons and his death is given to us. Nothing about Jacob, also later known as Israel, was dramatic or impacted the world scene. Here was just a lonely man struggling with his Syrian nature , deceiving and being deceived and shepherding for all his life in harsh conditions .Jacob’s trials were all family troubles and sorrows that came constantly on him. We can learn so much from this very human patriarch who eventually overcame his own nature , clung to his God and so prevailed with God.

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Deutche School (Private Boarding School) Hermansburg South Africa,This event is accessible to people with disabilities.


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