Wednesday 12 December 2012

Who are the honest ones?

Do Christians have to be honest and are they more honest than others? Do you feel that you are working in the right way, having the right ethics about social and work attitude,?
Are you concerned how you treat others and how honest you and others are?
Do you really care about the ethics of the people in the many professions? Does it truly matter to us whether they are honest?

Former attorney, political comedian and frequent commentator on various TV networks including CNN, Dean Obeidallah is left with a few burning questions and writes: "If we actually did care about the moral fitness of Congress, why would we re-elect them to the tune of 91% in 2012? If honesty truly meant something to us, wouldn't we have voted out at least half of them? Even 25%? But no, when given a chance last month to vote out Congress, we sent home only 9% of those up for re-election.".

As the American Congress remains involved in protracted negotiations over the pending "fiscal cliff" that could disrupt the nation's economy if not addressed by Jan. 1, one in 10 Americans rate the honesty and ethical standards of its members as very high or high. This puts the lawmaking body second lowest on a list of 22 professions measured -- higher only than car salespeople.

Topping the list of professions we find most ethical were nurses, followed by pharmacists and doctors. Dentists came in lower, but I doubt that dentists are truly less honorable than M.D.s; it's just that dentists seem to enjoy causing us so much pain that this may be our way of paying them back.

Please tell me how you would rate the honesty and ethical standards of people in these different fields -- very high, high, average, low, or very low? How about -- [RANDOM ORDER]? November 2012 results
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