Thursday 7 February 2013

Music and young people in Christadelphia

According to Andrew De Witt

Do we need to run the kind of music workshops aimed at young musicians who would prefer to play or listen to music not normally found in the Christadelphian cultural milieu?

The use of music instruments may depend on how conservative or progressive an ecclesia might be.

"We need to protect our young people from the damage so easily done by a Christadelphian community which sometimes is more intent on preserving a mythical ‘golden age’ that is said to have existed ‘in the good old days’. Some may argue that there are some forms of western art music which are ‘special’ and ‘sacred’. Maybe not, maybe so. But in making such a rash statement they are dismissing much of the world’s vast musical output, and the heartfelt and honest thoughts and prayers of believers whose musical lexicon and soundscapes may not coincide with their own."
English: Behind the Christadelphian Hall
English: Behind the Christadelphian Hall (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Read about it in:

A small rant…music, young people and Christadelphia



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