Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Christadelphian School in South Wales

The proposal for a Christadelphian School in South Wales has been unsuccessful due to lack of political support from the Welsh Government and Local Education Authority. In England, however, faith schools are looked on more favourably and are being encouraged, to a certain extent, by the government's free school initiative.
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There is a strong demand in Birmingham in terms of Christadelphian families wishing to send their children to a Heritage College. There are also a number of people prepared to support a project in terms of data collection, financial advice, sourcing a suitable location and writing the necessary documentation etc. In spite of this, no-one has come forward to lead the project.

Is there anyone in your ecclesia prepared to take on this role? There is full support available for any brother or sister prepared to take the Heritage College Birmingham on (both from our Swansea team and the It would be a shame to miss such an opportunity, especially as the school would be open to children from a non-Christadelphian background, and would thus be a strong vehicle for preaching the gospel as well as providing an excellent education. Anyone wanting further information should contact us - Andy & Sarah Joiner ( or telephone 01792 232001).

It is also worth noting that Andy & Sarah Joiner have collected in the region of 6,000.00.pounds If there is no other group in the UK prepared to try to start a Christadelphian School, then the money we have collected will be given to an existing Heritage College(s).
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