Thursday, 21 March 2013

New Preaching Ideas website

March not only saw the new tumblr website of the Christadelphians > Tumblr Christadelphians
Preaching Ideas, by Luke Bamford of the Peterborough Ecclesia, United Kingdom is also now available on a renewed site >  Preaching Ideas

The old website will shortly be taken down and the new website will take over on a commercial platform called Dendrite. Dendrite is designed for people involved in teaching and learning and allows them to share learning and teaching materials in their own private communities or with global communities.It delivers learners, teachers, leaders and parents’  outstanding learning and development solutions from around the world.
Dendrite can be brought to you by The Learning, an organisation dedicated to improving the birth to nineteen learning journey, the platform is designed to optimise this learning journey.

The Christadelphian ALS have set up, fund and administer a private community that only registered Christadelphian's can access, add and share preaching material and ideas. Once registered, users can if they so desire sign up to other communities and access the many different resources available for learning and teaching, these other communities are non Christadelphian and chargers may apply to some of the premium communities.

Material and ideas from the old site will not be transferred from the old site to the new site on which new material will be set as it comes along.

While the CALS mandate is to support and facilitate preaching in the UK, they are happy for
Christadelphian's around the world to register and use the site.

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