Tuesday, 19 March 2013

CIL Gathering at Aston University on screen

Those who can not be present at the CIL Gathering at Aston University, UK
on 5th-7th April 2013 shall be albe to follow the meeting on screen at their own house.
The Isolation League plans to video broadcast the events from the University Great Hall on 6th & 7th April, God Willing (and barring any technical glitches), via the CIL Website: https://www.isolationleague.org/broadcast - so if you are unable to join the brethren and sisters at Aston University, we hope you will be able to log on and join us virtually! 
English: Aston University, Birmingham, UK
English: Aston University, Birmingham, UK (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
You should be able to view the event, live, via any modern web browser (including on smartphones and tablets). You will need to request access to the website if you do not already have a username - just click on the 'request access' link when you visit the site. The registration code is in the CALS diary and the CIL Newsletters. A reminder of the events organised in the Great Hall over the weekend (the times are all UK time!): Saturday 6th April 10.00 Devotional meeting "€œLessons from the Past"€ Joshua "Strong and courageous" (Bro Darren Guy - Halifax, Balmoral Place) Hezekiah "Trusting in the LORD" (Bro Simeon Guntrip - Sale) Peter "Learning to follow the Master" (Bro Joni Mannell - Walsall) 14.30 Communal hymn singing Led by: Bro Andrew Johnson - Kings Norton 18.30 Bible Study Fraternal "€œWar a good warfare"€ "Fight the good fight of faith" (Bro Jonathan Cope - Coventry West) "€œThe servant of the Lord must not strive" (Bro Andrew Bramhill - Shirley) Sunday 7th April 10.30 Breaking of Bread Exhortation "€œStriving together for the faith of the gospel"€ (Bro Tecwyn Morgan - Castle Bromwich) 14.45 Sunday School Theme: "Feet" Presenters Bre Kitson Reid (Acocks Green) & Mick Roberts (Ashby) 17.45 Fraternal "€œBuilding up yourselves on your most holy faith"€ "€œKeep yourselves in the love of God"€ (Bro Andrew Bramhill - Shirley) "€œLooking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ"€ (Bro Andrew E Walker - Doncaster) Full programme details are on the website! with love in Christ Matt Barton CIL 2013 Gathering Booking Secretary www.isolationleague.org
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