Saturday 9 March 2013

Witnessing Glad Tidings

Those aims remain the same in today’s magazine because God’s purpose is unchanging. But over the years there have been many changes of format, style and personnel, as you would expect.

T H Elwick of Lincoln and Percy Horsman of Nottingham, England, joined forces in March 1884 as Editor and Publisher of a new magazine. They were Christadelphians and stated their objectives in that first issue as follows:
  • To set forth the truth in its purity;
  • To expunge and erase from every Bible doctrine the figments of human tradition, with which they have been darkened;
  • To make clear the great scheme of human redemption provided by the Deity;
  • To proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom of God;
  • To demonstrate that the time is at hand when this kingdom shall be established.
The packing teamAlthough the language and style of the magazine may have altered over the years, the reason for publishing the magazine has not fundamentally changed since its inception.

As the apostle James challenged believers to remain true to their calling and urged them not to be affected by changing fashions and different belief systems, the Christadelphians keep to the Words of the Bible and follow the tradition of the first century Christians.

Every day it is possible to see how people are affected by changing views and opinions.But Christadelphian people try not to fall into the traps of the world. They try to get a crystallised harmonious thinking according to the teachings of Christ Jesus the Messiah.

Newspapers and magazines depend upon something new to write about. Politicians want a new idea to present, so they can be seen to be making progress towards their stated objectives. People want new things all the time and so opinions alter and behaviours change. But the followers ofJesus recognise that fundamental things can never change and they need to be single-minded in their determination to hold fast to the teaching of Jesus about eternal things, regardless of the winds of change that are gusting around them.

We are saved not by anything we do, but by God’s grace made available to us because of Jesus' sacrifice. However we do need to respond to God’s grace by being baptised into Christ by full immersion in water. We also need to follow as far as we are able the example of Jesus in our own lives. How we do have to that, the magazine is willing to show.

The Christadelphian monthly  tries to bring people closer to the One and only God and to show the world how it can have a much better future. The magazine brings some articles on our relationship with God, Jesus and each other. It tries to show how we need to build our character and change our personality. All who follow Jesus have to undergo a process of change until at last they can become fully like him.


Please do read more about such changes we do have to make: Gone with the wind, or the latest article


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