Thursday, 17 October 2013

Christadelphian Auxiliary Lecturing Society in changed times

It has been many years since the Christadelphian Auxiliary Lecturing Society (CALS or ALS) was set up to help the Brethren and Sisters of the UK preach the good news of the kingdom of God. As you may know it's current structure includes a Management committee (Mancom) coordinating and financing preaching throughout the UK and a number of branches (preaching areas) with their own committees coordinating and financing preaching in their own areas in the UK, see the ALS diary for more details.

While it is still the firm desire of the CALS to continue to support preaching in the UK, times have changed enormously since the CALS was established, attitudes have changed towards religion, the UK is a very different place culturally and the advancements of technology mean that the production of leaflets and preaching resources that used to be beyond the capabilities of most Brethren and Sisters and Ecclesias can often be done on a personal computer.

Christadelphian Hall in Bath/England
Christadelphian Hall in Bath/England (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Therefore we the CALS are considering how we can best serve the UK Brotherhood in the future and Want Your Input, to this end we have put together the below survey and very much want you and as many Brethren and Sisters to complete it, so please fill in the survey and pass on this message.

Click on the following link for the survey:

May God be with you and may He continue to bless us with the freedom to preach His word.

Until He Comes.

Your Brother In Christ

Steve Harris

On behalf of the CALS Management Committee
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