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Living on the Edge

Kenneth Gilmore
Kenneth Gilmore0
For those who may have questions about Jonathan Burke's book "Living on the Edge", here's a FAQ list:

1. What is this book about?

Upholding and defending our beliefs and values, and proving they are relevant to the modern world, is very difficult without the kind of evidence evidence which non-religious people will find convincing. This book aims to provide that evidence.

2. Could you give an overview of the book?

The main section headings are 'Living on the edge of certainty', addressing doubts about our beliefs, 'Living on the edge of credibility', addressing the challenge of defending our beliefs and preaching to other religious people and atheists, and 'Living on the edge of society', addressing the challenge of belonging to a Christian community with beliefs and values typically rejected by modern society. See this sample of the contents page.

3. How long is the book?

It's 600 pages long in standard US trade paperback format (6x9 inches), including a 100 page bibliography.

4. Will any of it be controversial?

The book upholds the views of the earliest Christadelphian commentators on issues such as the relationship of science and Scripture, the age of the universe and the earth, whether the flood was local or global, and the authorship of various books of the Bible. That will be controversial for those who disagree with those views, or who are unaware of views held by the earliest Christadelphian expositors. However, I aim to minimize controversy. For example, since evolution is a highly divisive issue the book does not address it at all.

5. How can people purchase the book?

I am aiming to have it printed locally in Taiwan, made available in November 2013, and posted internationally. The purchase price will be US$15 per hardcopy (a free ebook version is included with every hardcopy), and it will be launched on this [2] crowd sourced funding site.

6. Why are you using crowd sourced funding?

Crowd sourced funding involves presenting a project with a budget to the public, and inviting people to pledge funds for the products or services the project offers. Fundraising takes place over a limited time (30 days is typical), at the end of which the project may or may not have raised enough money to cover its budget. No one is charged any money if the project fails to raise its budget. I chose this route since I do not have a publisher for this book, which means I need to pay for the printing myself up front. Crowd sourced funding is a safe way to see if I can raise the capital for an initial minimum print run of 500 copies.

If your question is not answered here, please send me a message through this page.


1. What is this book about?

Upholding and defending our beliefs and values, and proving they are ...

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