Thursday, 30 January 2014

Escaped the fighting in South Sudan

Sue Mathias is presently in Uganda and has seen 2 of the brothers who escaped the fighting in South Sudan. They are both well. She also confirms that our sister Purity has now reached her home in Kenya after Sue and John Mathias were able to get funds to her to travel through Ethiopia, the same applies to our brother Martyn who has also now reached Kenya.
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 Uganda (orthographic projection)(proyección ortográfica) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
 A student who was also caught up in the fighting is safely in Northern Uganda. Sue and John have lost contact with a number of brothers and sisters and students and your prayers are still urgently required. The temptation to travel back to Uganda for economic reasons is high and Sue has tried to counsel the brothers not to travel there as some Ugandans have already done. The Ugandan military are involved and there is now concern that Ugandans will be targeted as a result of this.
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