Thursday, 16 January 2014

The Bethézer Dormitories — A Home Away From Home

The Bethézer Dormitories —
A Home Away From Home

WCF has been a supporter of the Christadelphian Bethézer Fund since 2009. This Fund’s board currently operates two dormitories in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. These dorms are designed to provide 38 male and female post-secondary students free accommodation in a safe environment to facilitate their pursuit of an education in the capital. Many of these students come from the surrounding provinces and do not have the resources to cover expenses beyond basic tuition.
In addition to providing the dormitory premises, the students also have:
  • Access to cooking facilities and basic ingredients (with a food fund for the poorer students)
  • A spiritual education program in conjunction with the Bible Education Center in the city
  • A health, nutrition and financial literacy program
  • An in-house basic first aid and counseling service
Recently, a limited agricultural program to support local families has also been instituted. The Bethézer dorm students have strongly supported the 6 AM optional Bible class before their day’s activities. These students comprise more than half of the baptisms in Cambodia, all arising from a ‘touch’ initiative.
WCF has assisted Bethézer by providing funding for both ongoing expenses and one time capital costs. This support has not only allowed Bethézer to continue operating over the years, but also to improve the facilities and services offered to the students.
This year, the Bethézer Dormitories requested funding from WCF to cover the ‘Nutrition and Development Program’. This includes fellowship meals for students, a food fund for the poorer students, maintenance of a health and safety fund, and various dormitory development costs. A grant of $ 9560 has been provided by WCF.
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