Thursday, 30 January 2014

The Bible and Science seminar

The Bible and Science

On 29th March, God willing, the Christadelphians are holding at Downend a series of seminar type presentations on "The Bible and Science" which are designed to show that there is abundant evidence in the creation for the existence of God. 
These sessions will run from 2.30 to 7.15pm and will be held at the Downend Christadelphian Hall. The Presenters are Brethren John, Michael and James Thorpe.

A Poster, together with a Programme giving full details of the individual sessions and the qualifications of the speakers, has been circulated to Ecclesias in the region. If anyone has missed this notice please email me at for further details.

It is hoped that the sessions will be attractive to youngsters from the age of 14, and to all Brethren and Sisters, interested in this fascinating subject.

A Work book of guidance notes is being produced by the Thorpe brethren to help with the understanding of the topics being discussed. This will be a 48 page pdf document and copies can be emailed to anyone who books in and provides an email address. Please, therefore, will all those intending to come email Peter Bawdon at by 22 March at the latest. This will also enable us to gauge numbers for tea.

Please also do find the articles:

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  2. God’s design in the creation of the world 
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  6. Is it “Wrong” to Believe that the Earth is a Sphere? Inclusive the first generation of Christadelphians their views 
  7. A dialogue about the earth moving and spinning around the sun
  8. Science and God’s existence
  9. Science, scepticism, doubts and beliefs
  10. Are Science and the Bible Compatible?
  11. Bible containing scientific information
  12. Science and the Bible—Do They Really Contradict Each Other?
  13. Reconciling Science and Religion
  14. The mythical conflict of science and Scripture (1)
  15. The mythical conflict of science and Scripture (2)
  16. Science, belief, denial and visibility 1
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  18. Ian Barbour connecting science and religion
  19. How to falsify a religion using scientific or historical evidence
  20. Science and Religion Harmonized (Once and For All...)
  21. Living on the edge
  22. Sharing thoughts and philosophical writings
  23. Words to push and pull & Words to bring message
  24. Unsure about relevance Bible 
  25. The Bible: God’s Word or pious myth? 
  26. Why believing the Bible 
  27. The importance of Reading the Scriptures

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