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President of the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations considers of undoing the Unitarian idea

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USVA headstone emblem (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When we look at the reason why people do come to preferring to be part of a trinity-church it is clear most of them would find themselves weakened more when hey would have to worship only "One God".

On January the 8th, 2014, the Rev. Peter Morales, president of the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations, indicated that there is serious consideration of undoing the Unitarian heresy his denomination was founded on.
  ”When you think about it, God as one is just less effective.  You can get so much more done if God is in three persons. Our lawyers are researching alternative names and websites, like Trinitarian Tunaversalists.  We can eat fish on Fridays or on any days, or never at all if we are vegan, so why not put Tuna into  our name?”   A Vatican spokesman said Pope Francis was open to this development.   “In the Catholic Church, we take anybody.  Why not some former heretics?  And we could always use a few more Prius drivers.  It’s good for the soul.”
This teacher who should bring the flock on the right path, shows clearly he himself is going astray or lost track.  Problem here is that he wants to get a whole denomination in changing direction. Though it is good he took some lawyers under his arm to find a proper name for the group he wants to create.

On Ironicschmoozer’s Weblog we can find the important question:
What about the reaction out in the Unitarian Universalist hinterlands?  When contacted by the press, Rev. Roger Jones of Sacramento said that he has no opinion on the matter until he determines whether 90% of his congregation thinks it’s a good idea.  ”Until January 26, I am sticking with my usual talking point:  Unitarians believe in one God at most.”
Are you a Unitarian without knowing it?
Are you a Unitarian without knowing it? (Photo credit: severinus)
Naturally you also could say "Unitarian" does not really holds in the "Unit" being a single thing or person, but also a single element, section of a whole, section of item, and as such I encountered already some unitarians which did have similar ideas as Rev. Peter Morales.
But according to what we came to understand under the name it should only be used for  those who assert the Unity of the Godhead, not as a god being made of three godheads, but ascribing divinity as being the Being of the Total divine Creator which stands for the God the Father only.
On the other hand the Unitarianism stands also for being united without having one governing organisation other than the Cornerstone Jesus Christ, the Messiah. Unitarians believe that each congregation should have independent authority, having their members believing in the unity of God, in freedom of, and tolerance of the differences in religious believes.

In that American church or in the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations, you can see the weakness of human people who want to be able to do more. Them expressing “You can get so much more done if God is in three person” explains a lot why the majority is not pleased with the Only One True God and why the prefer to have a triune God.

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Unitarian Universalist Church of Medford Massachusetts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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