A group seen abusing Muslims outside a London Mosque have now launched an ‘anti-grooming campaign’ in a Lancashire Town.
In the video members of the Britain First group, can be seen driving through a predominantly Asian area of Blackburn in what it states is a ‘new direct action campaign against the scourge of Muslim paedophile grooming gangs’.

In the film, one man says: “This is our country. You want to live here, you adhere by our laws.”
Last year members of the equally vile ‘Muslim patrols’ who threatened strangers for holding hands, drinking alcohol and other behaviour they deemed ‘un-Islamic’ were jailed.
In the new video, Britain First Group chairman Paul Golding is seen spouting, “We have gone through some areas which are exclusively Muslim.
 Vile Britain First group visits Lancashire mosque

 > Vile, Fascist ‘Britain First group’ visits Lancashire mosque By • March 4, 2014