Thursday 10 July 2014

Believing what Jesus says

How many people are really willing to believe what Jesus says. In Christendom we do find many Christians who prefer to keep to the traditional doctrines of the doctrinal churches, instead of willing to take the words of the Bible like they are written there.
Evangelistar von Speyer, um 1220 Manuscript in...
Evangelistar von Speyer, um 1220 Manuscript in the Badische Landesbibliothek, Karlsruhe, Germany Cod. Bruchsal 1, Bl. 1v Shows Christ in vesica shape surrounded by the "animal" symbols of the four evangelists. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The barrier to fully accepting Jesus’ words is the cost involved in following him and his teachings. To follow his teachings, and the teaching of the Bible at large, requires a different type of focus. That is, one not focussed upon material or present benefits, but rather upon following the truths of God no matter what the present cost, because something far greater has been purposed and promised by God.
You as a Christian or as a unbeliever, what do you want to come to believe? Where do you want to put your focus?

What does it mean to you when Jesus says God is greater than him? What does it mean when he says we do have to pray to God his Father and do not may worship him, but should give all honour to the Only One Divine God, Creator of heaven and earth?

Jesus concentrated himself on the words and works of his heavenly Father and asked others not to focus on his (Jesus) works, because he (Jesus) could do nothing without his Father. Jesus his focus was on his heavenly Father who had appeared above him and had spoken "This is my beloved son." How many Christians are willing to accept those words of God Who spoke about His only begotten son?

Do you want to focus on the doctrines of the many churches, or are you willing to focus on the Word of God as it is presented to the world in the Bible?


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