Wednesday 20 August 2014

Faith because of the questions

With so much going wrong in this world, and recently so many religious wars, lots of people say the world would be better of without religion and without any god.
Lots of people do have lots of questions. The politicians nor the teachers are providing all the answers. Is it not because we do have so many questions that we do need faith in something or some one? Is it not we need faith when the way ahead seems unclear or intimidating, when answers are hard to find?

Faith is trusting in someone who has the answers we lack. Faith is trusting in what is there but which we can not see, cannot feel, cannot touch. Many things in this world may be hidden but come into light one day. Time revealed a lot of things to humankind. Though still a lot of things we do not know nor do we understand. We believe there might be such and such thing happened in the past or happening in the future. We may believe thta something works this way or an other, but often we do not know exactly how it functions.

In this world we are tested many times, and that is where faith comes in and shall proof its importance.

A lot of things may be not clear for us, but we do believe we can trust what is written in the Holy Scriptures. We do not keep our ears shut nor our eyes closed. We want to see what the blind cannot see. We do believe the Word of the Almighty God is the Word of Truth, explaining everything what we should have to know at the moment. Those things which are not clear for us (yet), shall perhaps clearer at the time when God thinks we shall be ready for it. Until then we shall have to wait.

Those who think the Christian faith is a blind faith are mistaken. When we do not want to see what is really in God's Word, we shall not be able to see it. The Christian faith is not a blind faith but has to be a seeing faith. In His Word we should find God. In our heart we should find His Treasure and in our ears we should hear His Call. In the surroundings and in what happens in the world we can see the Works of God. Those who want to follow the son of the Creator shall be able to feel His love. They shall find all the more reason to trust V more than any human being.

Trusting God we do not need to find all answers to our questions now. We trust Him to such a degree that we do not need or demand all the answers. We trust and obey, even when we do not understand and even when we cannot see the finish line.

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