Monday, 3 November 2014

Amount of Muslims living in your country

English: The Ethnic composition of Muslims in ...
The Ethnic composition of Muslims in the United States, according to the United States Department of State based on the publication of Being Muslim in America as of March 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Americans have a tendency to overstate the number of Muslims living in the United States -- and at least 13 other countries are dealing with the same misconception.

Only 1% of America’s more than 319 million residents are Muslim, according to the research group Ipsos MORI. But during a recent global survey, Americans told researchers that the Muslim population is 15 times greater than it really is.

On the other hand, Americans grossly underestimated the number of Christians living in the country -- with an average guessing around 56% when the true figure is closer to 78%.
The countries that fared the worse at accurately guessing the number of Muslims within their borders were France and Belgium, both of which guessed 23 percentage points too high. Belgium is standing equal 2° with France with an overrating of 23% according the researchers who use the official numbers. But for the real ciphers the governments only count the registered Muslims by the officially recognised Muslim federations, thought there are many more Muslim groups like there are other groups of Christian which are not recognised by the state and do not receive funding from the state. Only the official religions have their pastor and imam paid by the government, others like the ones in charge for the Christadelphians, Jehovah Witnesses, Church of God, a.o. have to take care of their own income

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