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Old Earth creationists and other conservative Christians denying any evolution

Views on Evolution
Views on Evolution (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
When we looked at North America the last ten years we could see that very conservative Christians gained terrain and could blown up the whole evolution thing in a ridiculous way.

A big problem with the creationists is that they all undermine the normal Christian thinking and Christian concept of creation and the relationship of man versus the creation. Very bad, not to say 'ridiculous' is their ignorant attitude to all historical and scientific findings, which makes others to step away form such people who do not want to believe what we all can see with our own eyes.

Their wrong concept of evolution is not taken on by all Christians, and the world should know than there are enough Christians who look at creation in other ways than they do.

Irving Hexham, a religion and politics professor at the University of Calgary, said evolution - like abortion - is a divisive issue among evangelical Christians. He doesn't think there is any reason why Christians can't believe in evolution, and throughout the world, a lot of Christians do.

Natalie Odd, an Alberta Party member and mother of two, attended an open house held by Mr. Gordon Dirks over the weekend, hoping to confront the minister about spending cuts. Having taken him aside she also began to question him about another evolution.

"He said, it's possible to believe in creation and evolution. I wasn't getting an answer out of him," she said. "As we were walking away, he threw up his hands and said: ‘I'm an Old Earth Guy.'"

The comments were confirmed by other attendees, and Mr. Heyman.
Ms. Odd said she had to look the phrase up on the Internet as she was unfamiliar with it.

Brian Alters knows the term quite well, however. Alters is president for the U.S.-based National Center for Science Education, a professor at Chapman University in California and previously on the faculty of McGill University. He said "Old Earth" creationism encompasses a spectrum of beliefs. Old Earth creationists generally accept that the earth is older than 10,000 years. Beyond that, however, beliefs range. Some believe that evolution is the mechanism by which God guides life on earth. Others totally reject the generally accepted scientific theory of biological evolution.

Mr. Dirks declined to elaborate on his view further when questioned by the Post.

"With the education minister, if this is something that he practices in his place of worship with colleagues of similar faith, I think most scientists wouldn't have the slightest problem," Mr. Alters said. "The problem is if the education minister says ‘I'm an Old Earth creationist because I think there's credible evidence against evolution. I find evolution to not be credible.' Then we have big problems, Houston."

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