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A Passover for unity in God's community

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In the Torah we do have laws which are case-based. These holy days remembering the passover in many societies the Shir HaShirim — The Song of Songs are read, where we get a magnificent expression of affection between lovers.

This period is an important want concerning the intimate relationship and unity between people and between God. the Nazarene master teacher rabbi Jeshua asked his followers to become one. They had to become one with him, Jesus Christ, but also with their fellow man and with God.

when Jesus came together with his disciples in preparation of the Passover it was to remember how God rescued us from slavery and how god had chosen Himself a People. With the instalment of the New Covenant the followers of Jesus, even when they not originally belonged to the Jewish race, became acceptable to become part of that unity which formed God's community.

For the goim or gentiles Jesus became the passover, the crossing of the sea of death, giving liberation to all people who are willing to accept Jesus as their Messiah.

Passover celebrates our redemption from slavery to freedom. That is binary. One is either a slave or one is a not a slave. There are no degrees of slavery. so how much do you still want to be slave of this world or slave of sin?

Being presented the end of slavery it is up to us to follow God's directions and to accept this given freedom or to refuse God's offering. When freedom was given to Israel in Egypt it was a new beginning and so it is also for us. It is the beginning of everything else.

Like the followers of Moses as slaves had no autonomy, no time, or even emotional energy to engage in the challenges of love, they now faced a new generation were strangely enough the people had again to be re-educated, because soon they seem to have had forgotten the wonders God did to bring them out of slavery. The Jewish slaves might have merely transferred their allegiances from Pharaoh to their God. Their relationship with God would have been the same as their relationship with Pharaoh. Different master, still slaves.

Though God does not want to see slaves.  He wants us to come freely to Him. He does not want to bind us. for Him the commandments are not the chains for the people, but the way to protect ourselves. For God those rules are also a sign of His love for His creation, giving them guidelines to make the best out of life.

God does not want to be the Dictator of the universe. Straight from the beginning He made man partner of His creation, giving them tasks to name all things and to take care of the earth. God has chosen man to be His partner.

Shir HaShirim is a magnificent expression of affection between lovers. Allegorically, the song is interpreted as a love song between God and the Jewish people.

After the laws of the altar God empowers the heroes of the Oral law to bring the Torah to life by interpreting it and applying it in the way appropriate for their particular generation. We get a story of full of drama, intrigue and adventure and God's Words is an open book showing us how God wanted to create a good relationship with man.

Shir HaShirim reminds us we are now free to love, and we are free to feel God’s love. From slavery, to freedom, to love. 

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