Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Finding our identity in serving God

Questioning who we are, who we want to meet, who we want to spend days with, how we want to go through life, in the back of our head we always have to be sure that we shall have to try to live according to the Will of the most High.

A pastor with Biblical Worldviews reminds us on WordPress it is common knowledge that a large percentage of our short lives is invested in our workplaces.
This means that there will be plenty of worldly temptations vying for our attention intended to gradually pull us away from a healthy and intimate relationship with God. These worldly temptations may include: climbing the corporate ladder at the expense of relationships; seeking career promotions for the love of money(root of all evil); relying on work as a source for approval and recognition; allowing yourself to be defined by your work(identity); or even allowing work to become a replacement for God through idolatry.
From a larger scope, as Christians we can always find our answer in the Truth from the Gospel in that Christ has already paid the price. We no longer need to prove ourselves, and/or ever perform to be accepted. We are already proven and made secure through His atoning sacrifice for all our sins.

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