Monday, 10 August 2015

Three pillars of sustainable development, young people and their rights

United Nations Decade of Education for Sustain...
United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The member states of the United Nations have this week agreed on ambitious Sustainable Development Goals, but youth has been neglected in the adopted document.

There is made an agreement on a universal, interlinked agenda that applies to all countries and brings together the three pillars of sustainable development: economic, social and environmental. Its core aims – to eradicate hunger and extreme poverty, reduce inequality, achieve gender equality, improve water management and energy, and take urgent action to combat climate change should help to improve millions of lives – will help ensure the future of our planet for forthcoming generations.

But the younger generations are somewhat forgotten. Young people and their rights are not prioritised.

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European Youth cries out: Sustainable Development Goals ambitious, but lack focus on youth


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