Monday, 15 February 2016

South West Wales Prophecy Day 2016 September 24th

English: The Gwendraeth Fawr valley A beautifu...
 The Gwendraeth Fawr valley A beautiful corner of south-west Wales. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
South West Wales Prophecy Day, God Willing- Saturday September 24th at the Princess Royal Theatre, Port Talbot,SA13 1PJ.

Theme of Gathering :'Daniel chapter 11 and the time of the end'. Speakers: brother Mike Jenner (Rugby) ' The KIng of the North' and
Turkey', brother Matt Davies (Nottingham. Forest Road) 'The King of the South and Egypt', brother Simeon Guntrip "Thy people shall
be willing in the day of thy power". 

A warm welcome to all brothers and siters, young people and friends. Full details to be sent to local Ecclesias nearer the date. Contact: Brian Woodall.