Tuesday 14 June 2016

A community care resource project

A few years ago we presented some website which could give those in need some help. Hoop tot leven  and its Facebook page (Hope to live) tried to show those with problems to the right place.

Christadelphians believing in the Bible-based Gospel - the return of Jesus Christ to the earth to set up God’s Kingdom, know that we have to live for the moment in this world with all its problems. Not everybody has it always easy. With all sorts of people, those on their own but also families, each person has to carry his own cross.While we wait for Jesus his return, we have to face many temptations and often also many problems. as followers of rabbi Jeshua, Jesus Christ the Messiah, we do believe it is important to help, where we can, make people’s lives more productive and comfortable, and to share our hope for the future.

Everyone has hard times during their life. Many people have different ways of coping. 

Christadelphians find that one of the most effective ways to cope is through developing and using their spirituality. This is Christ-centred in that we recognise the immense hardships Jesus faced. He showed us the most effective way to rise above his difficulties.

www.adelphicare.org contains resources that would be useful to those wanting to become more skilled and informed about care in the ecclesia but also to help others around them and/or for their own personal development.

www.bibletruth.info has considerable material on fundamental matters. As well as this, the latter site contains a section of hymn recordings, accessible via the Bible and Song section of the home page. These recordings have been made over a number of years and feature either live pipe organ performances on two large organs, or electronically compiled performances from some quite magnificent organs.  Laurence Lepherd of the Toowoomba Ecclesia started to orchestrate some hymns using electronic samples.
Orchestrations available at the moment are the meditative *We shall be like him* (388) and *And the peace of God* (373), and the full orchestral and organ version of *All people* (50). The recording format is mp3.  

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