Sunday, 24 July 2016

Newly added pages to Our World

On July the 24th of 2016 six pages where added to "Our World".

From this month onwards a new policy is taken. I still shall concentrate on what happens in the religious regions of this world. I also shall keep looking at what happens from my Christadelphian point of view or my faith.
Though now I shall give some more space to general news as well and I started to restore the links which originally were created in the previous Multiply platforms but do not work any more.

The restoration of the links and re-edited articles shall be announced on some Facebook Pages. Because from now on I provide also Facebook users to receive notifications. When they shall "Like" the Facebook Page of the Biblestudents Community and indicate they want notifications, they shall receive automatically a message of a new or restored article on this but also on some other sites and news from fellow Bible students.

Therefore I do hope those readers who do not receive any information of a new publication will either join my e-mail list or follow me with Google+ or follow the publications by the Facebook Page of the Biblestudents.

The added pages in English
  1. Aims
  2. My faith and hope 
  3. Stay informed
In Dutch
  1. Betrachting
  2. Mijn geloof en hoop
  3. Blijf geïnformeerd

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