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Were Biblical writers Math nerds

English: Golden ratio in pyramids
Golden ratio in pyramids (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
At The Thousand-Year View the writer N.S. Palmer who has degrees in mathematics, economics, philosophy, and biology, looks from his mathematical eye-view at the writers of the set apart books of the Bible.

By the Christadelphians there are also several who like to find all the mathematical cues in those sacred writings. for me this sometimes goes too far, but that is just my impression.

For "nerds" like N.S.Palmer (like he calls himself so), it’s very exciting to look at the numerology and mathematics used in the Bible.
The writer looks at the favourite number pi which is often the only thing people remember from geometry class in school, but for him is the most interesting in the Bible. In the Bible it can be found in two places (Kings 7:23 + 2 Chronicles 4:2)

Other Biblical references to mathematics are little strained. In life, the Golden Ratio (1.618..) occurs frequently, especially in art and architecture. In the Bible, Exodus 25:10 says that God commanded Noah to build the Ark of the Covenant measuring 2.5 by 1.5 cubits, and 2.5 divided by 1.5 is 1.666. Some writers say it refers to the Golden Ratio, but unless the Vilna Gaon came up with something like he did with pi, it doesn’t look like it to me.

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