Thursday, 6 April 2017

Kosher Coca Cola for Passover

Français : Une cannette de Coca-Cola italienne...
Français : Une cannette de Coca-Cola italienne d'une contenance de 50cl. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Did you know there existed a Kosher Coca Cola?

The amount of Jews living in our country may be slowly diminishing. They seem to feel much pressure from right wing people and organisations which target immigrants, Muslims and Jews. Throughout the year and when they go on holiday their food requirements must make it not easy to find kosher restaurants and hotels.

Among observant Jews, it is common practice to avoid most processed food that is not explicitly labelled kosher for Passover. This is true even for products like cheese or juice that do not contain any hametz (Hebrew, bread or any food that has been leavened or contains a leavening agent. Hametz is prohibited on Passover), but may have been processed in a plant alongside products containing hametz.

Some products that are kosher year-round are modified slightly to be kosher for Passover — most famously Coca-Cola, which substitutes cane sugar for corn syrup in some regions over the holiday and is marked by a distinctive yellow cap.

A guide to kosher for Passover foods is published each year by the Orthodox Union, which also maintains a searchable database of Passover foods on its website. The OU also has information on food products that can be used without explicit Passover certification.


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